Why there are decorative pattern on the sole?

by:BEF     2020-07-08

Waffle nestle outsole: used in running shoes and all-around shoes the ball more, have many bumps friction block, it is suitable for the grip of the running, and can disperse, make running more comfortable.

Herringbone Herringbone outsole: most classic basketball shoe outsole decorative pattern, with a balanced in all directions, excellent speed, stop, change into effect. Does not increase the height of shoes, make the shoes more stable. Suitable for most of the location of the game.

outside the Circle round bottom lines: outside of basketball shoe bottom lines, more than the soles of the foot even partial inside a Circle, make towards more sensitive, and effort. More suitable for inside big players.

G - Tek goat grip outsole: for cross-country running shoes, as if built the structure of the goat shoe outsole design, has a good grip.

Flex grooves bending groove design: more used to running shoes forefoot and heel lateral ( Split mouth) , make the joints are easy to bend, reduce the waste of energy movement.

自由”; Free & quot; Science and technology - - - - - - - Outsole: using the principle of bionics and special lines (outsole A special kind of Flex grooves grooves) Collocation, give a person with the most true, the foot feels comfortable, casual.

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