Why super light nano shoes more environmental protection, health head?

by:BEF     2020-07-25
With the improvement of people's living standard continuously, shoes, as an essential part of daily life wearing items, the original protection function and decorate function already could not satisfy to the present consumers, for the pursuit of shoes should also have health care function, nanomaterials have peculiar nature, has excellent performance in antibacterial, at the same time, it is of remarkable significance hygienization of shoes, at the same time, with the development of nanotechnology, the footwear industry will break through the traditional method of antibacterial deodorant, footwear hygienization can reach a higher level. Nanometer materials with large specific surface, it to whether can let some of the material atom of oxygen, oxygen free radical, or produce other peculiar smell of alkane molecules, all have strong ability to grasp the captive, so that you can see is super light nano shoes head in both antibacterial and odor-proof aspects are far superior to the traditional materials. In the manufacturing process or directly to process on the surface, make contact with the foot of the whole shoe cavity has antibacterial function for a long time, has the mildew resistance, deodorization, protect your feet. All the above functions, it is only the super light nano toe cap has this aspect has superior performance, therefore, that is why ultralight nano toe more environmental protection and health.
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