Why said the prospect of anti cut on the surface of the shoe is limitless?

by:BEF     2020-07-25
Calculated by the number of China's population of 1. 4 billion, each to buy a pair of shoes, has 1. 4 billion pairs of large output, the number is not in demand for other kinds of shoes of people Numbers, China is still visible undisputed leader in the market. As the world's largest producer and consumer, China has formed a complete industrial chain and industry development platform, such global footwear market. As in recent years, people in the pursuit of living standards, a simple function of shoes already cannot satisfy the needs of the present consumption, can see clearly that footwear market, or footwear orders or to develop in the direction of less sample number of trend, in the process, raised the cost of development, the setting, virtually technology caused a great impact on traditional shoes, want to have a stable and continuous development, only by constantly innovation which way to go. No matter how to change style, comfort breathable is still many consumers to pursue the theme of, if a shoes have such dual function, then it will sell well. If add some unique advantages, so much the better, the cut vamp as parts of shoes, it USES the high strength fiber. Fiber with a small relative density high strength high modulus, good elasticity and so on strong mechanical properties, with the development of the advanced composite technology the development of the functional fiber become the main development direction of modern fiber. Functional fiber is certain or some special features of a new generation of fiber they besides has the general characteristics of the textile fiber, and protection, health care and other special features. Good product merchant's tentacles are very sensitive, relative, for consumers in terms of their eyes, if a good anti cut vamp is not future is limitless? I don't believe!
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