Why petrochemical enterprise employees must wear labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-03
Every industry because of its particularity in labor insurance shoes by the industry, as traditional petrochemical enterprise, because of its subdivision for the oil refining and chemical, and refining and chemical corresponding work very differently, work harmfulness also each different, when equipped with Labour protection shoes, so also be configured according to the specific working environment to employees and issued. For workers engaged in petrochemical enterprises, must attach great importance to the safe production and labor protection for their individual and correctly wear labor protection articles to ensure their own safety, for work in the petroleum chemical industry scene can be seen everywhere of inflammable and explosive oil, we must to set up the safety consciousness, not sloppy, so in the specific work to strict safety standards to perform the following operations: 1: work in uniform fatigues, often clean, maintain the cleanness of overalls, cuffs, leg tightly, don't carry weapons and inflammable. 2: wear suitable working cap, helmet and gloves. 3: wear goggles, mask or respirator. 4: the different plants, different positions in labor insurance shoes with corresponding safety protection functions. Because of the complexity of the petrochemical industry technology, the demand for labor insurance shoes also need to have multiple protective functions, such as lifting handling labor insurance shoes need to prevent slippery proof down ( Safety shoes) , power operation need insulation labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) , you will need to prevent oil refining workshop acidproof alkali labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) And so on. In addition, the petroleum chemical industry enterprise must also be on the high places of the workplace operations, lifting operation, power operation, equipment, instrument maintenance operation strictly carry out operation procedures and labor protection measures, such as supervision enterprise staff wear labor insurance shoes (right Safety shoes) , safety helmet, overalls and other labor insurance supplies, so that we can more effectively put an end to happen the security hidden danger!
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