Why must wear electrostatic shoes?

by:BEF     2020-07-19
Electronic factory, many operators do you see all of them are from head to toe is anti-static equipment, from a hat and gloves, and shoe and floor are anti-static, let a person can not help but want to ask, actually don't have to wear shoes with electrostatic can ah, this is not anti-static floor? But actually otherwise, the existence of the European standard anti-static anti-static shoes in the bottom has his truth. Oubiao antistatic bottom in anti-static shoes can not only eliminate electrostatic accumulation body, and can prevent below 250 v power supply shock protection shoes, and the insulation of the ordinary shoes are short of this effect, even the conductive shoes and it has the difference, the conductivity of conductive shoes is good, can eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation in a short period of time. Antistatic shoe is to make the operator body with the earth 'connection' namely 'ground', in order to achieve the purpose of the electrostatic discharge, and successful control of the human body electrostatic charge bad effect on production lines and the human body, improve the qualified products. Other anti-static shoes in the process of anti-static shoes in process is generally not more than 200 h should be resistance test once, if the resistance is not within the limits prescribed, cannot be used as antistatic shoe.
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