Why in the antistatic bottom hole need before leave?

by:BEF     2020-07-14
In anti-static, anti-static bottom use has played a key role, then what would not happen in production lead to lack of antistatic properties of the product? Of course there will be, but can be avoided, in the process of shoes making, need to join the insole and coating adhesive, so that the body can form between the outsole and isolation layer, how to guarantee the conduction of isolation layer is the key, because it can be directly to the success or failure of anti-static shoes. From now on the market the most common type of polyurethane soles anti-static shoes, is common practice in the shoes return before the end of the reserved four holes, then the soles polyurethane injection with the mixture of antistatic agent, because the first reserved four holes, so the polyurethane and the mixture of antistatic agent can penetrate and covers the four holes, which have the effect of anti-static, we can see that when take insoles in the shoe heel has four black circle, also the four holes is important conductive electrode, the effect will be outsole, insole, shoe to three levels: conduction, because people demand for footwear appearance, there are many enterprises adopt antistatic reserved four hole bottom material not part of the production process, such as antistatic dose by coating, spray or dipping method, attached on the surface in the bottom of the material, again after the room temperature or hot air drying, the formation of antistatic coating, it can also achieve antistatic effect, if in the process of the bottom in the production of anti-static, combined with the two kinds of inner bottom of the production process, that will be the antistatic properties of the shoes have better effect. This we can see that on bottom of hole in antistatic problem on the one hand is depends on his process problems, on the one hand is access to static function on the process and to measure the effect of implementation.
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