Why fracture happens rubber sole?

by:BEF     2020-06-26

now general of casual shoes, sports shoes, outdoor shoes with rubber sole, because of the high raw materials for rubber shoe sole not only comfort, but also prevent slippery wear-resisting. Like by a lot of people of all age groups, with rubber for shoe sole material is home travel, good selection of outdoor sports.

but didn't have the good things in the world, it is a good rubber sole also broken happens, this is how to return a responsibility? Fracture on the sole, our manufacturer mainly presents several reasons, the reference hope readers:

first, long-term exposure under ultraviolet light, will accelerate the ageing of the soles, rubber products is the main cause of the fracture: now the ageing of the rubber products, rubber belongs to unsaturated polymer is mainly due to the hydrocarbons, it is very easy to absorb oxygen in the air to oxidation, meanwhile vulcanized rubber and air permeability, oxygen than easy access to the internal rubber for oxidation. Pay attention to the environment, so the store shoes, don't let the sun, it is good to put in the shade, but don't stored in damp environment, so as to avoid rupture of rubber sole.

second, don't let the soles, aging and avoid contact with rubber sole with mineral oil, because the rubber sole and gasoline engine oil after staining, can lead to volume expansion, and glue to become soft and elastic. If accidentally collision or mineral oil and sole contact, want to clean in time. , on the other hand, if because work need or other reasons for a long time contact with mineral oil, oily substances, can consider to oil resistant rubber shoes, like nitrile reclaimed rubber production of oil resistant rubber shoes not only cheap, but for a long time working in the oil medium without damage of shoes, and does not affect the use of the sole performance.

third, let the shoes can also lead to fatigue fracture of rubber sole, some people like to buy the new shoes have to wear a pair of shoes to wear torn, dirty wash and wear, so to the disadvantages of rubber shoes there is a big, it is easy to shorten the service life of the shoes. So actually our shoes also need to have a rest, such as wheel let a few pairs of shoes to wear, not only the sole broken is not easy to happen, and on the shape of the shoe, comfort is good preservation effect, each pair of shoes soles, also can become a long service life.

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