Why do you say stamping workshop employees must wear labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Stamping workshop workers in during operations must wear labor insurance shoes, their work is unpredictable risks exist, maybe a little not consider will hurt his foot, so we must pay attention to the importance of stamping workshop staff in the labor insurance shoes. The granting of the appliances for labor protection is to prevent and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents to the injury of the employees, to protect the employee's labor safety and health of body and mind, to better finish the work tasks. So wear labor protection articles correctly is one of the effective measures to protect. 1. Noise hazards: stamping workshop noise particularly big, mostly beyond the safety standards, the work in such an environment for a long time, if it's not right to wear earplugs, will inevitably cause employees' hearing a lot of damage. 2. Metal stabbed, scratch, stamping parts and steel plate, the edge with certain burrs and sharp edges, accidentally collision at work, it is easy to cause cuts, stabbed. So the employees must be properly dressed in appropriate puncture proof safety shoes labor insurance shoes, work clothes, puncture proof gloves, wrist pads, etc. 3. Heavy metal parts, crushed: general dozens of tons of stamping die, the production of raw materials are also weigh several tons, so, in the mold, the handling of raw materials in the process of lifting to replace, slightly improper operation, is likely to cause heavy metal parts, compression injury accidents, therefore, must wear appropriate protective level of prevention safety shoes, the labor insurance shoes, helmets, etc.
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