Why do you say gas station of anti-static work is important?

by:BEF     2020-07-24
Among many major accidents, the main culprit is caused by static electricity, 04 year January one day, a motorcycle driver to the gas station to refuel, was parked beside the measuring machine, and shut down the engine, with the engine key open the oil cover waiting staff cheer for yourself. In staff at the gas station come on guests, had come up against, the cap of synthetic resin material on the side of concrete protection on the stage, not wearing anti-static shoes, also did not wear gloves, hand gun handle, directly in the refueling gun mouth close to motorcycle fuel tank began to cheer, all of a sudden come up to the fuel tank filler from the flame. Had done a test related experts, with a glass rod in chemical fabric friction under 20, immediately use instrument to measure, the results show that the highest electric volts can reach 1. 50000 v. In some gas stations, mining, oil field, refinery, gas station etc, the harm of static electricity is much more serious, often can achieve a few kv or tens of thousands of volts, when static electricity spark discharge can also lead to fire and explosion danger, etc. To this end, we can know, in for some gas stations, oil companies and other special industries, in order to ensure safety, employees have to wear at work in pure uniforms and related anti-static anti-static shoes, etc. , are not allowed to wear shoes with nails, devices must have earthed, can use for oil and gas recovery refueling equipment, reduce gasoline evaporating steam, before refueling, refueling gun should take in car tank opening, start the pumps, the static go again after adding the staff will cover oil, avoid the driver contact, prevent some drivers on the body with electrostatic, in mouth discharge tank, ignition mouth gasoline tank steam and so on.
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