Why do we always emphasize have electrostatic exercises to wear esd safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Antistatic safety shoes in the places where static working environment, workers work efficiency is improved greatly, effective protection of inflammable and explosive dangerous that can happen. As antistatic safety shoes are made of the shoe body and electrostatic discharge of sheet metal. On the human body static electricity can be connected through the shoes and soles pieces of metal into the earth, make human body from damage by static electricity. Homework personnel according to the relevant provisions of the relevant industry according to the categories of protective damage and work environment for safety shoes to choose, such as business environment risk factors mainly electrostatic damage, and ground for conductive ground works, can consider to choose conductive shoes. Electrostatic there are a lot of harm to human body, such as can cause psychological barriers, produce fear, causing accidents, can also be caused by static electric shock skin burns and dermatitis. And electrostatic hazards are mainly, flammable and explosive accident on industry, thus endangering workers lives and caused the significant loss of production facilities. Studying the electric shock physiological shows that people's perception of the current, adult male average of 1. 1 ma, average adult female is 0. 7mA; Get rid of the current, the average adult male for 16 ma, an average of 10 mature woman. 5mA。 When the electric current is greater than to get rid of current electric shock can not take the initiative to get rid of the power supply, without outside help, will extend the time of electric shock, the risk of death occurred. The hands and feet are the most prone to damage the part of the current through the body. So for frequent and electrical contact staff, to correctly wear anti-static safety shoes and anti-static overalls. After understanding the electrostatic hazard in our work is the need to do plenty of labor protection, wearing anti-static safety shoes is not only the safety protection, it also allows you to improve work efficiency, reduce the electrostatic hazard of injuries during the work for you.
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