Why alkali production workers need to wear corrosion resistant shoes?

by:BEF     2020-07-21
Alkali production in industrial production, the production of soda ash in glass manufacturing, chemical products production, pulp, paper, or water treatment and other industries widely used, among them, in order to ensure the safety of the system of JianYe homework personnel, prevent hurt by chemicals, workers can wear acid-base safety shoes, anticorrosion shoes the first protective equipment for the protection of the foot. Due to the extraction of soda ash in the JianYe need to use a variety of chemicals, and these agents are generally with acid, alkali, while working in the acid-base safety shoes can effective foot protection to reduce accident. Because of the acid-base safety shoes with acid and alkali resistance, in acid and alkali, strong corrosive environment is used to protect the feet, to prevent the acid and alkali chemical damage safety shoes. Basic chemical raw materials soda ash homework, occupies an important position in national economy, is the world's larger the chemical products. As workers in the system JianYe, they produce in extraction of soda ash, do their labor protection, consciously wear protective supplies, such as anti-corrosion toe safety shoes, this kind of safety is more important. No matter when and where, what line which is engaged in the industry, do a good job in security protection should be in the first place, always alkali production workshop pile up chemicals, and some metal devices, in order to make labor safety protection, their daily clothes, wearing work gloves, wear on their industry's special function is necessary for safety shoes.
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