Who invented the creator is in antistatic?

by:BEF     2020-07-23
Remember a funny thing for me is very impressive, one day, the holiday is going to go fishing with friends, tools are ready to complete, is preparing to do what, only to see a flame pond surface nearby, in the dead of night, hard to avoid can associate to some weird things. Screams, they all ran home, which is not a jack-o '-lantern afterwards just know, but a wildfire, the visible believe in the importance of science, no matter how things need to learn to use the scientific method to solve. In industrial production, the products will damage by static electricity, what is this? This, of course, is to use scientific method to solve. To this, still want to thank you very much when the bottom in the antistatic invented people! Antistatic is at the bottom of the form can be traced back to the 1960 s, in the main manufacturing technique is coated on the surface of carbon black produce antistatic fibre fabric, is by the emperor of Japan and Germany's BASF manufacturing antistatic fibre products, but because when the fibers in the friction force and distortion, the surface of carbon black easily from the fiber surface, antistatic effect is reduced greatly. After a series of improvement, has been widely used. Want to say how good this effect? Throughout all adding antistatic material, still carbon black the most cheap raw materials, and the most ideal effect.
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