Which need to use anti-static workplace in the bottom?

by:BEF     2020-07-10
In some oil tanker, tanker truck can be seen everywhere with the fireworks the instructions of the fire, because a casual cigarette, will cause a lot of disaster, so a lot of people before refuel haven't put the cigarette pinched off, so as to avoid accidents. These or can easily do it, but if it is static electricity? , it is not so simple, a simple friction may cause static electricity, and the generation of static electricity is just like a cigarette, also can cause fire, and the body is also bringing a static, this danger is not controllable, so in order to eliminate static electricity, the general staff are all need to wear shoes with antistatic. Bottom shoes to the human body in the antistatic electrostatic leads to the earth, and the electrostatic eliminating, also can effectively take away the dust, because the use of 'special' and so on the choice is different from the ordinary shoes, the soles material proportioning have very high requirements, such as the soles color, weight, hardness, smell, performance, etc. , are quite suitable for, with anti-static anti-skid sole material, can absorb sweat and odor-proofing, also can achieve prevent slippery, anti-static, and other functions, and upper molding, reinforce and do online. Can effectively release the electrostatic. Antistatic bottom shoes have now widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal mining, printing, rubber, medical treatment, purification, electronics and other industries workplaces, the effect is remarkable, more manufacturers, merchants of choice!
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