Which good insulating shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-05
Insulated shoes, speaking of the word, what most people would think it is a kind of shoes? Shoes are made of special material function? What is the difference between and ordinary shoes in addition to the insulation? How to judge whether it really insulation? The comparison of what manufacturers on? And so on these questions. This is an insulated shoes don't know they will think of some of the problems. Insulated shoes ( Boots) Role is to make the human body and the ground insulation, prevent a pathway between current through the body with the earth, shock damage to human body, the risk of electric shock when reduced to a minimum, because electric shock when the current is the contact point on the surface of the defined by the human body, it also prevent step test voltage range, the harm of human body so electrical homework should not only wear insulating gloves, wear insulated shoes. Labor insurance shoes insulation performance according to different design range of compression of the corresponding is also different, and the shoes both comfort and excellent security protection and a suit, through new technology and new technology application in safety shoes manufacturing, material makes such insulation safety of portable safety shoes than traditional labor insurance shoes, also comfortable. In addition some shoes hit in baotou steel safe protection, prevention is adopted in imported upgrade widened just head, full compliance with international safety standards, safety and quality safety protection be short of one cannot protect the toes and feet. Built-in baotou steel parts can withstand 200 j impact and extrusion of 15 kn. In conclusion, it can be understand, insulated shoes compared to common labor insurance shoes, its security is higher, wider application scope. It is not only protect the foot, it is both fashionable and functions in one, is worthy of the name fashion shoes.
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