Which good anti puncture in the base cloth?

by:BEF     2020-07-20
The development of industrial automation, now many of the products have already no longer rely on manual operation, so the unqualified has a pair of safety shoes, is equivalent to be hundreds, thousands of nonconforming product, in the process of production of safety shoes, and puncture-proof base cloth is play a crucial role, in machinery, metallurgy, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, oil field, electric power industries are used, because if a puncture proof of base cloth and cause is unqualified, wouldn't it be worth? So, against the piercing in which strong backing? Strong surplus shoes material strength! We are dedicated to r&d and production of safety shoes materials, to provide the source of security protection for labor insurance industry, puncture proof bottom, shoes in the first class in China credit enterprise in the field of shoes materials. China's armed police force munitions strategic cooperation unit equipment research institute. We not only produce safety shoes accessories, but also protecting the security of military first step. A, puncture proof ability: puncture proof cloth bottom in 2011. 11. 4 national utility model patent certificate, and puncture-proof ability to maximum of 1200 n. B, pliability: good softness, compared with the similar metal products, this product does not need to use the bottom, can be directly adhesion, easy to shape. C, wearing comfortable, compared with the similar metal products, quality is light, is the two-thirds of similar metal products weight, reduce foot fatigue. D, high safety: compared with the similar metal products, not disturbed by metal detectors, smoothly through security, no risk of magnetic induction. E, heavy environmental protection: the material adopts high polymer synthetic fiber, using nanotechnology, free of metal elements, no pollution. F, the price is reasonable, the products are mostly dependent on imports, the product price is import price is only 1/2 ~ 2/3, save is earned.
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