When work labor to protect your feet to wear safety shoes in the first place

by:BEF     2020-12-02
As the saying goes, safety shoes, labor insurance shoes wear comfortable uncomfortable at work, only their most clearly. In daily life, some people wanting to fashion, too pursuit of shoes is beautiful, often ignore the comfort of shoes, which will appear a series of foot health problems. To this, health experts pointed out that adult foot disease is associated with a variety of factors, most of which is the result of improper shoes, therefore, to wear the safety shoes when working labor insurance shoes for foot health is very important. Now on the market a lot of shoes to wear grinding feet, bore too narrow, and quality of soles, this kind of shoes is not help people to walk, more like feet put on shackles to the person, what kind of shoes do health? First of all, shoe heel height to fit. 2 - 75 px heels can make the arch more hasten is reasonable, make the person's hips before, abdomen is taut, chest puffed out, make the person look crisp and vibrant. The height of the heel should be proportional to height, a dwarf is far more damaging to wear high heels. Secondly, shoes firmness to appropriate, tight shoes can put foot against the bad, forms for hallux valgus. Hanging too loose shoes, feet in sandals, shoes don't response. Feet too hard, wear and tear and pain. In addition, shoes materials should pay attention to breathe freely, not over your feet, not only comfortable, breathable material and also not easy feet moss. Many people think that wearing socks wear work shoes suppress panic, just light foot wear. The expert reminds, wear labor insurance shoes or safety shoes when'd better put on your socks. Because itself has absorb moisture, prevent the effect of friction, barefoot wear work shoes can make shoes more moisture, but also may damage the skin, grinded by the feet, torn by the wound infection. In addition, some people who are allergic to leather or rubber, more can't wear safety shoes barefoot.
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