What should pay attention to when buying insulated shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Insulated shoes is a kind of safety shoes, literally understanding is shoes can make human body and the ground insulation, prevent a pathway between current through the body with the earth, shock damage to human body, so as to reduce the risk of electric shock when to minimum. Corporate purchasing electrical insulating shoes must first grasp the scope of its use of safety, protection grade, and use the matters needing attention, etc. What should pay attention to when buying insulated shoes? 1, visual inspection ( 1) Within each electric insulation safety shoes help or soles should have standard number ( GB12011) , electrical insulating words ( Or English abbreviations & other; 嗯” ) And lightning tag and withstand voltage value. ( 2) Name of manufacturer, shoe number, product or brand names, date of production and electrical insulating properties ex-factory inspection seal. ( 3) Every electrical insulating shoes used paper bags, plastic bags and carton packaging. On the bag or box should have content is: product name, Example: 6 kv leather cattle insulated shoes, 5 kv insulation cloth cover rubber shoes, 20 kv insulated rubber boots, etc. ) And the standard number ( GB12011) , name of manufacturer, shoe number, trade mark and the use of information, etc. 2, matters needing attention, 1) Withstand voltage under 15 kv electrical insulating shoes and electrical insulating cloth rubber shoes is suitable for the power frequency voltage up to 1 kv working environment; Withstand voltage of 15 kv electrical insulating rubber boots and electric insulation plastic boots is suitable for the power frequency above 1 kv voltage operation environment. When use must strictly abide by rules of electric power safety work ( DL408 and DL409) The relevant provisions. ( 2) Electrical insulation shoes and electrical insulating cloth cover rubber, its working environment should be able to keep the instep and dry. ( 3) Wear with any electrical insulating shoes all should avoid contact with sharp instrument, high temperature and corrosive substances, to prevent the damage of shoes, impact performance. Who help the bottom of corrosion and damage, can't for the electrical insulating shoes. ( 4) The preventive test electrical insulating safety shoes withstand voltage and leakage current value should conform to the requirements of the standard, otherwise can't use. Each preventive inspection results effective period no more than 6 months. Enterprise should according to the work sites and voltage levels to properly choose insulated shoes, remember that low voltage insulation shoes ban on high voltage electric equipment used as auxiliary appliance safety, high voltage insulation shoes can be used as a high voltage and low voltage electrical equipment in auxiliary and safe appliance is used. Electrical insulating shoes as a special labor protection articles shall be in accordance with the provisions, use time limit for the preventive test, resistance to voltage and leakage current if required, may continue to use. Electrical insulating shoes verification frequency of use: storage: since the factory for 18 months, use in 6 months, the specific visual intensity of labor and reasonable use environment.
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