What should be paid attention to labor insurance shoes online

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Labor insurance shoes is in recent years, such as taobao platform sales ranking is one of the front of the labor insurance supplies, but the price of labor insurance shoes from 20 to 2000 pieces, variety, price fluctuation is big, and there is no objective evaluation standard, many people can't buy gratified flexibly labor insurance shoes. Labor insurance shoes original role is to protect the worker's foot, and into the fashionable element, reduce the quality of the shoes, labor insurance shoes more human, make labor insurance shoes to live and work all can wear with two kinds of situations, greatly increase the practical value of the labor insurance shoes! Then we need to pay attention to what aspects when shopping? Shoes first contact with the ground as the sole, therefore, the sole for safety shoes is a very important reference factors, natural rubber material type has high elasticity, high resistance to wear of wear resistant rubber, rubber shock absorption of air, and environmental protection rubber, adhesive rubber, and so on, according to their own living environment and walking habits to choose the appropriate sole materials. Second, we should pay attention to new soles to the shoes and cohesion is strong, through the actual investigation, most away from the cause of the scrap for upper and soles shoe. Finally, don't covet petty gain, beautiful pictures combination of ultra-low prices is likely to be a beautiful lie, a penny a points goods, according to the actual economic situation choose the right shoes!
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