What's the difference between the anti-static cloth with general fabrics?

by:BEF     2020-07-27
Autumn to anti-static, anti-static is trite thing, don't look down upon a small static, his harm a lot, when the object of electrostatic accumulated to a certain height, and the other is not charged object contact, can form a high potential difference, and discharge, when more than 300 v voltage, generated by the electrostatic spark, can be around flammable gas, liquid and dust explosion accidents! Whether in life or work, antistatic work can not be ignored, that is why why a large number of anti-static cloth has been applied to our work, that he is with general fabrics and have what different? How can achieve the effect of antistatic? First anti-static cloth is made industrial high-strength polyester filament, not only has the characteristics of puncture proof ability, more winding resistance, light weight, resistant to acid and alkali oil, soft, comfortable, non-conductive, prevent the incomparable virtues than the metal detectors and other products, but also can make the fabric antistatic clothing and anti-static shoes, etc. , have been at a variety of criteria such as: oubiao EN12568:2010, the standard, American standard, ks, Japanese standard, gb and other standards and have achieved the CTC and Intertek related certificate. With such an antistatic fabric, it is not in fear, please!
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