What's the advantage of polyester production of cutting cloth?

by:BEF     2020-07-22
Recently saw a news on the net, very is touched, a pair of husband and wife quarrel to divorce, because her husband is not willing to divorce to the police station, at this point, has been reluctant to her husband at this time is agreed, this is because he was hiding behind a kitchen knife, want to die! Can be seen in the video he was slowly close to his wife, took a kitchen knife is preparing to begin, this scene was policeman saw, with one action show the tripped over the boy. Let the woman survived. What do you think of the thousand narration arise a lot of moment, but also the police daily. For this, the police in defending the us, and we also can protect the civilian police, such as the development of a series of protective equipment. On protection of the body have a riot gear, cut and puncture-proof proof clothes, etc. , while the anti cut fabrics on the market to choose more, but I still made of polyester stop cutting cloth is popular, this is because the dacron has very good setting performance, after setting the generated flat polyester yarn or fabric, fluffy form or pleat, hitches in use for many times washing, can still be enduring. Polyester cut cloth proof by the polyester filament wool-like fabric such as silk or polyester stretch yarn, polyester network various profiled polyester yarn as raw material, or with long long polyester staple fiber and viscose or after long acrylic blended yarn made of wool style fabric, respectively called worsted wool-like fabric and long wool-like fabric, the price lower than similar wool fabric products. Has the feel of wool plump the bulk and resilient characteristics, and has polyester fast is strong, washable quick-drying, smooth crisp, fuzz and pilling of shape not easily, not easily. Under the same conditions, the cutting cloth can also do it to 3 - lower than the other fabrics 5 degrees, this is the hot summer is very good for the wearer the Gospel!
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