What needs to be equipped with construction site safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-14
Construction site needs what kind of safety shoes? Because there are many kinds of work on construction sites, requires the types of safety shoes are totally different, such as the site of the welder and porters with safety shoes are not the same. Next will introduce you to different type of work in construction work should use what type of safety shoes, here to understand together. 1, scaffolder, tower crane operator, lifting, lath should be equipped with antiskid safety shoes. 2, maintenance electrician should be equipped with electrical insulating shoes. 3, electric and gas welder should equipped with protection of digit, puncture proof safety shoes. 4 installer, boiler, pressure vessel, pipeline installation, bricklayer's, masonry, steel bar engineering, masonry, construction workers safety shoes should be equipped with protection of digit, best equipped with protective toes, puncture proof function of the multi-function safety shoes. 5, painter, waterproof worker safety shoes should be equipped with anti-static. 6, stone, concrete worker safety shoes should be equipped with insulation.
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