What material is pu sole

by:BEF     2020-11-18

what material is pu sole? PU sole in both wear-resisting perspective and from the perspective of the elasticity and wear comfortable PU bottom is better. Composed of polyurethane emulsion after high temperature foaming machine, soles is very light.

pu sole main advantage is that it is hard, flexibility, durability, and in a wide range of density are elastic.

pu sole is environmental protection material, easy to hydrolysis, but in the normal dry environment property is very good, it is light, is used foam molding, spray can do all kinds of color, wear-resisting folding.

pu sole manufacturer of pu sole concentrate upstream raw materials mainly include AA, BDO, EG, pure MDI, etc. AA market overall trend in the first half of 2016 at first, later market rise stage main traditional festival after the Spring Festival in China, the main because of tight supply source in xinjiang, the personage inside course of study confidence in afternoon, have good expectations, drive the mainstream companies raised on March, individual companies announced late parking overhaul plan, during this period the cost side support stronger. In April, after demand into the off-season, mainstream discussion held steady, the downstream demand just to maintain, AA market running. Market in the first half of BDO narrow, the price is slightly lower, this is the traditional peak season in March, but a decline in market concentration, main BDO early enterprise inventory pressure, subsequent enterprise starts smoothly, supply more full, lower overall just need to maintain, the grocers concerns increase. Pure MDI market rose steadily in the first half of this year, in May offer reached a peak of the year, main reason is the mainstream manufacturers listing price rises, and part of equipment maintenance, floor tight supply source, that makes the market focus gradually move up. EG overall compared with the traditional market, the market was in the first half of the year in the traditional peak season in March rose to a high this year, then enter the off-season, as the market demand, market prices fall. Taken together, the PU soles concentrate in the short term cost surface support wasn't a stronger motivation.

then downstream pu sole manufacturer, at present our country shoe companies generally have the following problems: funds difficult, rising labor costs, loss of orders, southeast Asia order increase, the policy support, support for transformation. Shoe companies in recent years has experienced a closed shop workers, etc. But still not out of the performance is low, have sought to transform breakthrough. Many shoe companies in the power of e-commerce at the same time, also has carried on the diversification of the layout, but blindly transformation, enterprise easy to attend. Although the shoe companies industry as a whole in the doldrums, but according to the 2016 China sports consumption ecology report, consumer spending continues to grow in the athletic shoe bag, consumption amount index from 2013 in 2015 grew by an average of more than four times. Above all small make up believe that the future Chinese shoe industry will remain atrophy, 3 - even transformation also need experience So the throes of four years, the Chinese shoe companies or to continue the trend of falling profits.

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