What labor insurance supplies of coal mine underground work need?

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Coal mine underground work need labor insurance supplies mainly include reflective clothing, safety shoes, safety helmet, mask, dust mask, prevent noise earplugs, miner's lamp, mine personnel self-rescuer, flash, locator, etc. Coal mine underground work use appliances for labor protection requirements: 1, the coal winning machine driver, timberman, see cable workers must wear safety helmet when production, dust mask, boots, reflective overalls and other labor insurance supplies. 2, face cleaner, pushing sneak worker, scraper conveyor production when the driver must wear safety helmet, goggles, dust masks, boots, reflective overalls and other labor insurance supplies. 3, the tail, the console electrician, outside class staff must wear safety helmet, goggles, smashing boots, dust mask, reflective overalls labor insurance supplies, etc. 4, dry submissive team must wear safety helmet, safety glasses, prevent hit boots, reflective overalls labor insurance supplies, etc. 5, in the face for maintenance worker must wear a helmet, Within the four connecting rod bracket except the repairman) , prevent hit boots, a reflective labor insurance supplies, etc. Coal mine underground work labor insurance supplies management system: 1, the underground work labor insurance supplies must be provided by the content for the center with formal qualifications, manufacturers supply, complete safety certificate, product certificate. Hand in the old get 2, labor insurance supplies a new replacement method, set up by the materials protective equipment drawing management accounting, strengthen the management of the protective equipment. 3, all the staff of fully mechanized working face should wear personal protective equipment, protective equipment is not complete, no guided it is forbidden to enter the working face. 4, check and visitors enter the fully mechanized coal face to wear personal protective equipment required by the company, after the coal mining machine coal winning machine driver must stop traction, stents workers are strictly forbidden to operate. 5, white on both sides of the helmet should be punched, enhanced message effect, black helmet should be appropriately increased reflective logo. When repair 6, in addition to enter the support personnel within the four connecting rod can replace helmet, other personnel must wear a helmet. 7, it is forbidden to take off the cushion cover inside the helmet, downhole work any time, any place, can not remove safety helmet. Coal mine underground work occupational hazards: coal is the main occupational hazard of productive dust and harmful gas, productive noise and vibration, and radioactive substances such as adverse weather conditions. 1, the productive dust in coal mine production, coal mining, tunneling, supporting roadway maintenance, improve transportation, dust production were made. Can cause miner pneumoconiosis. 2, harmful gas due to release in the downhole blasting and coal oxidation, coal, etc. , there is methane, CH4) And carbon monoxide ( CO) , carbon dioxide ( CO2) And nitrogen dioxide ( NO2) , hydrogen sulfide ( H2S) And sulfur dioxide ( SO2) , ammonia, NH3) Such as gas. Make the person poisoning injury or death. 3, the productive noise and vibration noise mainly comes from coal mine underground mechanized production. Such as pneumatic drill draw fan, both the noise and vibration of extremely large. Hearing loss, and even deafness. 4, adverse climatic conditions in the coal mine high temperature, high humidity, different location size of wind speed and the temperature difference. If work in damp environment for a long time people are predisposed to rheumatism arthritis, etc. 5, underground radon and its daughter radioactive substances are often higher than the ground, has certain influence to the health of the miners. In addition, the intensity of labor is big, bad posture is also the characteristics of the coal mine, easy to cause the miners lumbocrural pain and all kinds of trauma, etc.
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