What kind of suitable slippery labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-09

as people's safety consciousness is higher and higher, more and more attention to labor insurance shoes non-slip performance, but a lot of people can't choose, so antiskid labor insurance shoes to choose what kind of right?

nowadays more and more shoes are all in the name of antiskid labor insurance shoes, but it does not prevent slippery, especially in the wet oil and water on the ground, does not prevent slippery, when there is a workshop with water or oil, there is always caused by accidental slip of the accident, is very painful, not only hurt the employee's body also has brought the loss to the enterprise.

so, choose to prevent slippery performance standards antiskid labor insurance shoes is very important.

non-slip performance standards:

are not yet aailable antiskid labor insurance shoes at present domestic standard, commonly used European labor insurance shoes non-skid rating standard.

is divided into:

SRA, use soap on the glazed tile test

SRB, by stainless steel plate with glycerol test

SRC, at the same time by SRA, SRB level test, and can meet the water and oil maslin non-slip.

the increasing, in turn, these grades, SRC level to prevent slippery the highest level of Chinese shoes.

according to the application scenario choosing antiskid labor insurance shoes:

first: work not often contact surface, the water can wear antiskid labor insurance shoes SRA level or above;

second: job shop more ground water, oil or is engaged in the chef, express delivery, delivery and other industries of workers is more recommended antiskid labor insurance shoes in SRC level and above.

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