What kind of shoes material? Debao system discuss together with you

by:BEF     2020-07-03

what kind of shoes material? May when most people are buying shoes will meet the same trouble, and a pair of good shoes, shoe sole material is the key, debao system bottom small make up today is to explore the question on the sole of the shoe material together with you, hope you can more or less help to you. In general, the sole materials common features should have wear-resisting, water resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant, compression, impact resistance, good elasticity, easy for foot type, after finalize the design is not easy to distort, thermal insulation, easy to absorb moisture, etc. Sole material according to difference of shoes can be divided into: the bottom of the rubber soles, eleusine indica, cotton, foam composite bottom and bottom, leather soles, etc.

EVA sole ( 1) Rubber soles, rubber soles advantage is that it is very soft, flexible, can adapt to all kinds of games, indoor sports shoes for rubber soles. ( 2) Beef tendon bottom: light yellow, translucent soles, beautiful appearance, and has good elasticity and abrasion resistance, wear comfortable. Beef tendon can be done with a rubber, plastic can also be used to do, you can also use thermoplastic elastomer ( TPR) To do it.

security sole ( 3) Cotton, cotton is framed with white cloth into GeBei, multi-layer fold, into the system, wearing comfortable, lightweight non-slip, warm in winter and summer air absorb sweat, cotton used to make cloth shoes. ( 4) Foam base: made of foam bottom shoes wore a very light and very comfortable on my feet walk, but also because of foam shoes too light in weight, if enough anti-slip grain bubble bottom shoes, in the rain or wet it's easy to fall on the ground, so when choosing foam shoes to choose better quality, bubble bottom lines enough to prevent slippery, poor foam shoes sole will be uncomfortable and feel stuffy.

leisure fashion sole ( 5) Composite base: compounded by 2 to take put live freely, upper and lower composite surface is concave and convex corresponding rules are arranged at the bottom of the geometry shape, on the ground floor is full of pores, the bottom edge geometry with a hole, the exchange space formed between the upper and lower the bottom layer, layer by means of the pressure when the person to make the space volume change, automatic gas exchange, so as to achieve the goal of breathable, clearing damp. ( 6) Leather soles, leather sole is a kind of can automatically respiration and drive the foot soles, can automatically release absorb sweat to keep feet dry. Its main features: (1) have better heat insulation ensure the right temperature in the feet in the shoes. (2) light weight to ensure that the shoes is in a state of comfort. (3) unique three-dimensional fiber structure, sole in the 180 - degree bend without breaking. Can quickly adapt to the feet, can effectively support the ground impact, more effective than other materials same thickness sole trap spats

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