What kind of safety shoes on, not tired feet?

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Safety shoes, it besides must choose suitable type according to the operation condition, still should fit, make people feel comfortable to wear, this is important to carefully choose the right shoe. Safety shoes to prevent slippery design, not only to protect feet from being hurt, but also to prevent the operator of accidents caused by slip. Various performance of safety shoes, want to achieve their protective performance of technical indicators, such as the toes are not parts, foot not been stabbed, conductive insulation requirements. But the safety shoes is not everything. Should be inspected carefully before they are using safety shoes or testing, in the electrical and acid and alkali, damage and crack in protective shoes are dangerous. Safety shoes after use shall be properly kept, rubber soles, safety shoes with water or disinfectant rinse after use and dry, to prolong service life. Specific how to choose, can choose from several aspects to measure and: 1, shoe type: ( Name: model) , namely the shoes length and width, the shoe body width and foot just degree of tightness? 2, the instep: leather softness can be natural, while walking stick take. 3, shoes bond: whole shoe nations can put foot without leg, loose and not to take off, full of elasticity. 4, inner pad: have you correct adopting vibration transfer function, absorb sweat, massage, health care functions. 5, inside: have you correct choose breathable, waterproof, heat preservation, environmental protection material. 6, soles: selection for regional, and various kinds of environments using different level configuration substrate and anti-slip requirements, such as good environment USES the relative slip, lightweight substrate, the vibration transfer function. Outdoor site environment by strengthening anti-skid, wear-resistant material end, use under a harsh environment. Subdivided into: white-collar, blue-collar, working, administration industry, light industry, heavy industry, site construction, tourism, service, etc.
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