What is the purpose of the anti cut cloth?

by:BEF     2020-07-26
In early September, police industry ushered in a good news, after approval of the Chinese people's armed police force academy officially changed its name to the Chinese people's police college! We know that the duty of the police have been getting rid of, to protect the safety of the people, every time any sudden events, they always walk in the front. At the same time, the protective riot personnel safety is the focus of the manufacturers can not be ignored. In everyday, we can see that wearing a uniform or plainclothes police, in order to sudden time can better protection to the personal safety of the police, in the relevant data can be seen by tool damage, death cases of too many, therefore, more strict requirements on protective gear, cut proof clothes, cut glove, riot gear finished cutting and abrasion proof is extraordinary performance, the service life of the anti cut glove is very outstanding, is worth in five hundred pairs of common textile gloves, an absolute one enemy to use. For it is quite convenient for the armed paramilitary police, met with a sharp items to collect, this time against the cut gloves don't come in handy! Broken glass is more commonly at, but note that must be careful when harvesting, so as not to touch the harmful substances on gloves comes into contact with the skin and clothes, causing secondary pollution. About the cut cloth USES these, in the future under the innovation of science and technology, maybe there will be a bigger breakthrough, let's wait and see!
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