What is the PU bottom safety shoes? What is a double PU?

by:BEF     2020-11-24

pu soles injection molding technology on safety shoes, and specially added wear-resisting agent, cold resistant agent, antistatic agent, etc. Safety shoes with strong wear resistance, hardy, tensile, bending resistance, etc.

what is polyurethane (pu)?

polyurethane, polyurethane abbreviation, is a kind owner chain polymerization contains many repeated amide polymer compounds, it is by the chemical reaction between isocyanate and polyol.

the benefits of pu pu sole sole manufacturer

polyurethane is between rubber and plastic sole microporous elastomer, the hole is the elasticity of microporous structure. The diameter of the bubble hole was 0. 01? 0. 1 mm, free foaming density of 0. 25? 0. 35 ( Forming density of 0. 3? 1) 1, usually have? 2 mm from the crust, good resilience, energy absorption ability.

safety shoes by light, wear-resisting, elastic thermoplastic polyurethane foam ( PU) Made and imported additives/technology, and has good characteristics, such as hydrolysis resistance, low concentration of acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance and aging resistance.

why polyurethane is an ideal material to manufacture sole

1, pu soles is soft, warm, anti-bending of, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, etc, are more hardwearing than rubber more than 6 times, can adjust it according to the requirements of use in a wide range of density and hardness, can be made into double color ( Dual density) Under the double soles, bottom work for micro foaming high wear-resisting surface, inner bottom to wear comfortable elastic foam. 2, lighter, only 0. 3 to 0. 8, much lighter than the commonly used sole material, that impact resistance, prevent perforation of platform shoes more suitable, safety shoes all over the world ( Labor insurance shoes) Polyurethane (pu) (15% of PU) The sole of the shoe. The low required 3, mold, making convenient investment savings ( Foam for mould pressure is small, only 0. 14 ~ 0. 2Mpa) 。 4, molding method is simple, which can be used equally production soles shoes for production, ( PU bottom and a variety of fabrics stick relay strong) Varieties and yield changes in flexible, suitable for modern industrial production.

what is double PU sole

the combination of the current PU sole wholesale shoe sole material, double sole has become more convenient, more excellent solutions, through the outsole wear-resisting, prevent slippery performance to achieve the protection of a foot, through the bottom of the light and soft characteristics to achieve the intimacy when walking.

PU/PU( Pu/pu) Material combination double soles, outsole and the bottom two layers of sole is made of polyurethane. Foreign bottom, must choose special compact polyurethane material, keep the outsole abrasion, methods, characteristics; For the bottom, for reasons of comfort, must choose foam polyurethane.

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