What is the function on prevention of baotou steel specific?

by:BEF     2020-07-07
High-rise buildings is not so much when I was a kid, many side are in the house is the basic construction of residents housing, height not too high, at around two or three layers, because the space is big, spacious enough, so will often go hide to hide the cat and the classmates are over there, each time can find hidden for a long time not to be, especially fun. However, due to not shutdown of the building, so the nail plate, and the nails are scattered everywhere. Sometimes, have to hurry to hide will don't pay attention to a firm to nail it, suddenly was abraded skin, but also the foot swell, trying to be heard, there was a time for this even the road can't walk. Later, I listen to my family and I said, a kind of shoes are now on the market particularly severe, to be able to nail on bent, foot will not be broken, what is the shoes? Caused heavy curiosity, I finally under my servant, just tell me this is a smash in baotou steel production with the shoes, because the soles and hardness of itself are many times more than nails, so, with this pair of shoes will be nail to again don't have to worry about. Although had been nail bitter experience, in this process, but also the prevention hit the specific function of baotou steel, also be seen.
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