What is the distinguishing feature of anti-static foam EVA sole?

by:BEF     2020-07-04

anti-static EVA sole foam is a kind of special anti-static foam EVA sole, generally has very good antistatic effect, so its application scope is wide.

anti-static EVA sole foam is commonly 4 to price 8 yuan between, is usually have some special models, specifications of the products, if need to be customized, the price will be slightly different.

anti-static foam EVA sole is mainly based on EVA foaming principle, and then add the corresponding ingredients, so as to make its have anti-static function, so as to achieve and the role of electronic appliances, anti-static EVA sole foam has been widely used in various fields, by the trust of our customers. Anti-static foam EVA sole is the commonly used color is black, the specification can be tailor-made according to customer's request, also can be arbitrary shape, buy anti-static EVA sole foam price is not high, but performance is very stable, general sales of the products have passed environmental testing certification.

anti-static EVA sole foam for foam obturator sex is generally in the process of EVA foam molding, add conductive carbon powder filler, and formed by moulding foaming foam tape.

anti-static EVA sole foam

1, the characteristics of antistatic performance: excellent antistatic timeliness for permanent antistatic, is not affected by dry humidity environment;

2, buffer shock absorption excellent performance: independent and close the closing of the bubble hole;

3, conductive good performance: static index - 104 109Ω/sq;

4, high temperature resistant, flame retardant;

5, chemical corrosion resistance, resistance to organic solvent, acid, alkali, etc;

6, no chemical corrosion, no corrosion of components and packing materials;

7, heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, not easy to loss;

8, excellent secondary processing performance, easy to shape. Compressive strength, wear-resisting performance is good.

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