What is the difference between safety shoes LA certification and CE certification?

by:BEF     2020-12-15
Labor insurance products is the most important is security, no matter what kind of products of choose and buy, the first thing we need to check the safety certification. Safety shoes, for example, common LA certification and CE certification, so we choose our safety shoes which logo should look? What is the difference between LA certification and CE certification? LA authentication is special labor protection articles certification marks, confirmed the safety protection of the labor protection articles comply with national standards and industry standards. The 'provisions on the supervision and administration of labor protection articles' clear requirements: enterprise production of labor protection articles, must obtain the special labor protection articles LA certification, otherwise not allowed to sell. CE certificate only basic authentication security, rather than the general quality requirements, so the CE certification is safe qualified marks not qualified. The eu market mandatory CE certification, that is to say, products to the eu market circulation, must through the CE certification. LA certification and CE certification which good? LA is the domestic certification standard, and CE is the European certification standard, in addition to the certification countries, authentication way is not the same. LA certification need factory audit, AnBiao center for certification, CE certification product testing is required, only do the CE certification of the license issuing agencies can certification.
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