What is the difference between rubber sole and the bottom of the crystal?

by:BEF     2020-11-18

crystal base and wear-resisting properties of rubber soles, rubber soles are relatively more wear-resisting, suitable for outdoor wear rough ground, the bottom of the crystal wear-resisting property, suitable for indoor wear. Crystal at the bottom of the appearance of higher levels, appearance and changeful, less color rubber soles. Can according to your demand for sole and in the different environment, reasonable choose suits own sole material.

1, the wear resistance of different

crystal bottom generally suitable for use in indoor wood floor wearing, because of its less friction, no wear, indoor wear can be prolonged wearing the shoes. More wear-resisting rubber soles, so relatively rough ground in use for the outside world.

2, different appearance

crystal bottom more varied and beautiful appearance, also can print different handwriting, appearance higher levels. Rubber soles of shoes color is less, can match the shoe also and crystal bottom is slightly different, but the rubber soles with a variety of materials, are free to choose the right material and appearance of the soles.

crystal base and rubber soles each have their advantages and disadvantages, Suggestions according to their demand, and demand for shoe shape reasonable choice suits own sole. Crystal shoes at the bottom of the general price is relatively more expensive rubber soles.

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