What is the difference between plastic and rubber sole?

by:BEF     2020-11-18

in general rubber sole walk comfortable, wear long have smell, rubber soles has better flexibility, in your hands no matter how you can restore to the original shape, especially the natural rubber. Unpleasant smells and burn, burn rubber is a layer of ash, carbon and burn down the bottom of the plastic no carbon dust.

is a very traditional rubber at the end of the soles is old, but in wear-resisting, high temperature resistant performance is excellent. Plastic is a kind of new materials, and light easy to shape.

rubber is a kind of natural material, is a kind of materials from the nature, so has the role of green environmental protection, so it is used above the bottom of the safety shoes. Because is the natural rubber soles, so the density is big, make the safe words tend to be heavier, and safety shoes of some special requirements, the whole a pair of safety shoes do down are heavy. But in many cases, will choose this type safety shoes, because it has wear-resisting prevent slippery effect.

plastic soles, originated in Germany during world war ii, the material of plastic is environmental protection, easy to hydrolysis, but in the normal dry environment property is very good, first of all, it is light, is used foam molding, spray can do all kinds of color, wear-resisting, folding, more adapt to do sandal, beach soles and leisure. Due to the generally low temperature and antiskid performance of PU slightly almost, so a lot of PU made cotton shoes bottom bottom, with TPR beef tendon or PVC beef tendon. Clear plastic material to make to the safety of the soles is very light, so the customer request this kind of material made of safety shoes absolutely can satisfy the requirement of lighter. But a lot of time, because the safety shoes is a special kind of product, a lot of time on safety shoes do Shanghai head and plate, so that requirement of portable safety shoes market is very big.

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