What is the difference between labor insurance shoes LA certification and CE certification?

by:BEF     2020-12-02
LA certification and CE certification is the commonly used two kinds of appliances for labor protection standards, and the vast majority of the labor insurance shoes all through the certification standards, then what is the difference between labor insurance shoes LA certification and CE certification? What kind of certification standard is more reliable? LA what is the difference between the definition of certification and CE certification? LA certification, is the supervision and administration of production safety administration of the 'provisions on the supervision and administration of labor protection articles' explicitly mentioned, by the special labor protection supplies safety sign a certificate issued by the management center, the list of special labor protection articles, in the domestic production, sale, purchase, use is necessary to get the LA logo and certificate, otherwise it is illegal to manufacture, sale, use. “ CE” Mark is a kind of security authentication marks, is seen as manufacturers open the passport and enter the European market. CE on behalf of the European unity, CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE) 。 Anyone with a & other; CE” Signs of domestic sales, products can be in the European Union members do not need to conform to the requirements of each member, so as to realize the free circulation of goods within the eu member states. European CE certification standards higher than domestic LA certification standard? It is the home LA certification standards and European CE certification standards are not much difference, just according to their own slightly different regions, the weather factors, religion and so on. But LA certification and CE certification in some aspect still have difference, the former need factory audit, the latter only need for product testing, through the certification. In general the product if the real tested, and achieve LA certification standard, so, through the CE certification is absolutely no problem. Because do CE certification of domestic license issuing agency ( Some manufacturers themselves can the certificate) There are many, and LA certification only AnBiao management center. Labor insurance shoes LA certification and CE certification, therefore, is really just in authentication and so on has the difference, both the standard height of about the same, through which any kind of certification of labor insurance shoes are all qualified and reliable quality of products. Everyone in labor insurance shoes of choose and buy time, see have certification marks can rest assured purchase.
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