What is the difference between anti-static shoes and insulation

by:BEF     2020-12-13
In simple terms, is used for anti-static anti-static shoes, and insulated shoes are used to prevent electric shock, so how to segment them? Small make up to you in detail: in general, anti-static shoes is electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computer, electronic communication equipment and the integrated circuit and so on in the microelectronics industry production workshop in order to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazard while wearing a work shoes. Anti-static shoes are made of insulating rubber, general is to use on the electrical installation, in order to prevent electric shock. Anti-static shoes have weak conductive function, can derive the body of excess charge through its body, leads to the earth, and avoid charge accumulation of electrostatic discharge, thereby eliminating the role of the human body static electricity. Insulated shoes are using cannot conduct electricity insulation material, the shoes will be the human body with the earth isolation, make the person even if contact with conductive, largely to avoid an electrical current through the body into the accident. Esd is a coefficient between the insulation and conductive indicators. Anti-static shoes is in soles join anti-static and conductive lines, can put the human body the build-up of static electricity into the ground. Generally used in special gas, petroleum, petrochemical and other inflammable and explosive places. Anti-static shoes now used in oil chemical industry, also used in precision electronics, components and other electronic enterprise, optical instruments, pharmaceutical companies, and so on. Is an electrical wear insulated shoes in general, for the electrical work, the purpose is to reduce the risk of electric shock, prevent step and get an electric shock, also to prevent electric shock accidents due to ground conductivity. Range of compression of insulated shoes also is different, so according to the different operation condition choose different pressure insulated shoes. To sum up, whether anti-static shoes or rubber shoes, are about staff's life safety, so be sure to buy regular brand, quality assurance.
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