What is the design concept of anti puncture in the bottom?

by:BEF     2020-07-16
As in recent years in the job protection staff's safety consciousness gradually increase, safety shoes material accessories production also in the form of increasing production, our company is specialized in the production of anti puncture in the bottom, its anti puncture force is strong, soft, comfortable wearing experience, has been widely used and recognized in the industry, and achieved good reputation. So so popular and puncture-proof bottom is adopted in the design concept of how? First of all, we know that a normal person in a standing state, is the main heel on foot pressure distribution, the other for the metatarsal, toes under the minimum; While walking, foot pressure distribution is obviously different with stand. Pressure distribution is in the case of a change, from the heel position when stationary state, shall be transferred to the second metatarsal, at the same time, in the first metatarsal, metatarsus and 3-1 5 metatarsal pressure also clear. So the human body in the process of static and walking, when in contact with the ground, the biggest pressure on the foot part is heel and forefoot. Therefore, when making extra performance of puncture-proof shoes design, the heel and forefoot is focused on the design of the considered. Considering these factors, main consideration on vamp design 2 d fabric surface formability and the plantar toe the bending performance of the vamp fold can decrease, in the main winding plantar toe part when walking unapt too tired; Sole highly ordered if the heel and forefoot puncture-proof performance design, because the heel and forefoot pressure and impulse, so these two parts should have good puncture-proof performance and buffer performance. In providing the same foot against the piercing force, on the choice of anti puncture in the base material, USES high-strength polyester filament, up to 1400 n, but resistance to 1. 5 million times the twists and turns, also won't conduct electricity, more of the police won't cause metal detector. Better make up use metal material to increase the extra performance, leading to poor wearing comfortable shoes, fatigue and other shortcomings.
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