What is the cause of the vulcanized rubber sole crocking?

by:BEF     2020-06-26

rubber sole has the branch of vulcanized rubber and vulcanized rubber, spray frost is liquid or solid compound by rubber internal migration to the rubber surface phenomena, so that you can see rubber internal analysis, to form the spray frost, so, bloom for vulcanized sole reason for what? We look together.

1, because of the different adding additives solubility in the rubber is different, can cause spray frost, due to this reason is because the formula design is not reasonable.

2, the craft is improper operation, also causes the sole spray frost, such as rubber mixing temperature is too high, or too little dosage too much, can cause the happening of this kind of situation.

3, the quality of the raw material is also very critical, because the production of raw materials is different, the craft is different, also there are differences in terms of quality, make the change and the physical properties of the raw material itself.

4, the storage of material also is very critical, and temperature and humidity have relations, during storage, the material will be as environmental temperature, humidity, and changes in the environment and change, it is easy to bring some changes to the solubility of a compound, resulting in bloom.

5, the aging of rubber itself can also cause analysis of the structure damage, which destroyed the reaction between all kinds of chelating agent, reduces the solubility of chelating agent in rubber, so the local overly saturated chelating agent will precipitate from rubber for the free, formed the crocking.

6, after the rubber sole received external force, surface cracking can lead to stress concentration, caused the excessive saturated with auxiliary particle accelerate precipitation, spray forming cream.

above is the analysis of the causes of rubber in bloom, you can reference.

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