What is PU bottom, have what use?

by:BEF     2020-07-08
Polyurethane (pu) (

PU) In the 1970 s is used as the sole material.

PU sole main advantage is that it is hard, flexibility, durability, and in a wide range of density are elastic. PU aka polyurethane, originated in Germany during world war ii, the material of PU is environmental protection, easy to hydrolysis, but in the normal dry environment property is very good, first of all, it is light, is used foam molding, spray can do all kinds of color, wear-resisting, folding, more adapt to do sandal, beach soles and leisure. Due to the generally low temperature and antiskid performance of PU slightly almost, so a lot of PU made cotton shoes bottom bottom, with TPR beef tendon or PVC beef tendon. There are many kinds of sports shoes soles material, such as rubber, EVA, PHYLON, PU and other materials, these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Next, let's detail to understand them.

rubber: as a kind of widely used industrial materials, rubber using one hundred years of history, have been made as sports shoes soles material, cotton gingham wholesale is mainly used to produce all kinds of sports shoes outsole. Its advantages are very obvious: non-slip waterproof, elastic, wear-resisting, good flexibility and extensibility, not easy to break, resistance to bending. But its drawback is that: quality is heavier, easy degradation in the natural environment pollute the environment.

PU: this is a kind of macromolecule polyurethane synthetic material, the material is PU, basketball usually use in the field of sports shoes, can be used to do tennis shoes in the bottom, as a recreational shoe sole material. Advantages are: wear-resisting, elastic, density and hardness is very high, wrinkle resistance, has the very good degradability oxidation resistance, easy to make it more popular in the field of environmental protection. Defect is: makes the water imbibition is not water resistant, poor extensibility leads to easy fracture and yellowing.

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