What is produced good labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Each consumer at the time of labor protection articles of choose and buy, often the most concern is the price and brand. At present in domestic sales of well-known brand most belong to the Chinese shoes brand, the brand is also Chinese shoes are all in the domestic labor insurance shoes manufacturer to the processing, the work and on the choice of raw materials and domestic production enterprises of labor insurance shoes essentially no difference, but the price difference is very big, sometimes the price of foreign brands and even domestic labor insurance shoes brand double. Why the price gap so big? Is mainly the result of labor insurance shoes brand effect. And where is the price gap about labor insurance shoes brand? Good labor insurance shoes is how to produce? Labor insurance shoes price is mainly based on the function of the main raw material + labor insurance shoes shoes + work fine, the company set up to determine the labor insurance shoes brand image, the choice of protective equipment of all kinds of raw materials is very important, working in different places and workers use not can choose a variety of materials. A major part of the labor insurance shoes materials concentrated in three parts: the upper, lining, shoes. 1, the manufacture of shoe sole is selected according to its function of different material, at present commonly used material is polyurethane ( PU) , plastic bottom ( PVC) , EVA + rubber composite molding soles, rubber soles, etc. , sometimes in order to make the performance of the sole ( Such as wear-resisting) Better, these materials will be combined to each other, such as polyurethane ( PU) And the rubber composition is sole abrasion resistance is superior. Especially the soles has a special function, insulated shoes or anti-static labor insurance shoes need according to the functions of manufacturing, like electrostatic conform to the provisions of the state of anti-static shoes must demand sole labor insurance shoes related standards. 2, shoe material used in the manufacture of leather shoes surface is very much, there are mainly man-made leather and natural leather. Natural leather usually have water cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, cow leather, etc. , the price is high, usually used in the production of high-grade labor insurance shoes, wearing comfortable breathe freely, vamp folding superior performance. 3 lining used in the manufacture of shoes inside raw material similar to the material, the main points inside leather inside and BK nets cloth, leather lining design more than BK mesh cloth inside has the advantages of breathable absorbent wear-resisting. Different labor insurance shoes brand, do manual work is careful, the different collocation of raw materials and the function determines the price of shoes, will be about the styles on the market outside of the labor insurance shoes, but the price may vary a lot, this is the reason why this aspect. So suggest our customers shoes must be taken into account when the choose and buy, want to see the workers work using the environment and protection demand to make the best choice. Indeed, the most classic old saying in China & other; A penny a points goods & throughout; , cheap is definitely not the best, the best certainly not cheap, relatively speaking, to see how labor insurance shoes price.
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