What is monolithic sole?

by:BEF     2020-11-20

monolithic sole EVA foam molding is the most common shoes, the soles of the cost is very low, prevent slippery degree is very poor, sole touchs the water like a put on roller skates.

below to share monolithic soles specific introduction is as follows:

1. Monolithic sole, the most common is a EVA foam molding soles, the sole of low cost, and prevent slippery degree is very poor, sole touchs the water like a put on roller skates. REEBOK 3 d sole is a the EVA foam molding soles for the best 'face'.

2。 More than pure rubber sole, rubber sole for outdoor climbing shoes, or work shoes, electrician shoes. The sole real consists of rubber, advantage is wear-resisting antiskid, the disadvantage is that weight is too big.

3。 PU whole soles: ADI and NIKE use the soles are not many, pU sole belongs to cold molding soles. PU bottom feature is portable, but should not touch water, what will happen when meet water chemical reaction, and a layer of a layer of corrosion.

everyone monolithic sole friend if necessary, you can contact us more fai mold.

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