What is extra against the principle of cutting cloth?

by:BEF     2020-07-16
In the use of personal protective equipment, in fact, as early as in ancient times had already existed, then the soldiers dressed in a thick metal, or leather armor, but the armor, because of the weight limit the daily activities of the great degree. Now, after '9. 11 'incident, the global long-term readiness in the war on terror, also causes the individual protective equipment became an important issue all over the world. How can a better protection to the personal safety? This requires a lot of bulletproof vest, a helmet, prevent cut glove, puncture-proof prevent the individual protective armor materials, such as cutting the cloth on the use of guns, some countries have carried out strict control, the rest is how to protect the body from the bayonet knife edge tool damage this need to solve the problem. The damage from the knife, knife can be divided into two kinds, cut and puncture-proof prevention. DaoHui during the process of piercing and puncture-proof cut cloth contact and start cutting fabric, so the extra on the requirement of cutting cloth material must have a tight organization, have the effect that can hold the tip, at the same time also need multi-layer fabric overlap to fend off along with the point of energy, puncture-proof initial task is to defense knife can cut and scattered, the cutting performance is the basis of cutting performance, but with the cutting performance and failed to ensure good puncture proof performance, materials have certain tightness is needed. In general, the puncture than the cut more difficult. Based on previous data shows, puncture-proof mechanism mainly friction self-locking mechanism, with the deepening of the thorn content, yarn will pull sliding, the expansion of the yarn can make adjacent yarns pull slip and tightening. Yarn is needed to pull force in the process of extracting by extracting line is combined by friction, in the process of Pierce, when stabbed into yarn silk reach the level of cannot continue to expand, the blade will stop further, the expanding the size of the order of magnitude much needed yarn friction, as long as the coil wire can continue to slide, the blade will continue to further, if the strength of the yarn is enough big, can't slide line when the coil is reached, the deformation of fabric to reach the state of the referred to as the 'lock' state. This state is reached because Pierce, adjacent line tightening due to yarn slippage, with yarn slippage, the number of yarn is tightening. Can know is puncture-proof anti cut cloth is the main failure mechanism of the cutting tool along the cross section of the pressure and cut along the axial yarn tensile fracture, so I need extra yarn material in the material has high shear capacity and high tensile strength, and puncture with knives generally has a sharp blade, so as to prevent the tip penetrates the fabric, also need extra fabric tightness with enough.
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