What factors can lead to labor insurance supplies different prices?

by:BEF     2020-12-10
To the price of labor insurance supplies such as safety shoes, their prices are not the same, then what factors affect their prices? Basically has the following several aspects: first, labor insurance supplies products in different brand to the price; Second, labor insurance supplies different prices, different producing areas of different urban human cost and building cost; Three, import and domestic labor protection appliances for labor protection supplies different price; Four material quality affect the price of labor insurance supplies, labor insurance supplies production ( Raw materials with new materials and the reality of the time of material use, cost is large) ; Five, labor insurance supplies product quality influence prices ( Through the test of the labor insurance supplies product quality assured) ; Six, the merchant's business models lead to different prices (appliances for labor protection Wholesalers is lower than zero profit expectations, single product) ; Seven, labor insurance supplies business based on customer's demand quantity quotation is not the same; Eight, labor insurance supplies of enterprise nature and tax invoice price is different also.
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