What determines the anti-corrosion shoes impact resistance and pressure resistance of the head?

by:BEF     2020-07-07
In order to better protect workers toe, the use of anti-corrosion toe is play a decisive factor, the impact resistance and pressure resistance strength is the key of the key. Products shall ensure there is enough strength, can according to the foot toes protect baotou and puncture proof mat, impact resistance, pressure resistance test, the toe cap internal spacing should comply with the standard requirements, and should not have sharp edges or cracks appear. The top of the shoe material with metal protection of baotou baotou, non-metallic protection, by contrast, the strength of the metal protection of baotou baotou, rigid than nonmetal protection, can withstand the greater impact energy and pressure. At the same time, the corrosion resistant material of baidu internal length, width, shape, small can follow standards to determine whether the structure of impact resistance and endurance, the thickness of the material should be moderate, thickness is too small to reduce the rigidity of the toe is too thick to increase the weight of the top of the shoe, affect the wearing comfort, therefore, anti-corrosion toe cap factory through test to determine the enterprise production adopted by the thickness of the material. The top of the shoe internal length are the important factors influencing the safety performance. Shoes inside the head length, the greater the impact on its deformation 睵 big, when the protection of the wearer is better. The top of the shoe small internal length. Toe edge at the bottom of the edge width is also an important factor, because of this edge can help anti-corrosion toe it turn to support it by the pressure of the soles, so the edge width in does not affect the wearer comfortable circumstances, should be as large as possible.
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