What are the traditional shoe bottom production process needs to be changed?

by:BEF     2020-07-12
In protective equipment, safety shoes in the manufacture of the use of anti puncture in the bottom is indispensable, shoes in the bottom in the overall structure have the effect of orientation support, finalize the design, is necessary to connect the upper and soles and heel, the main structure material as many as a dozen manufacturers of machine, cutting machine, brush glue machine, pressing machine, setting machine, polishing machine, etc. Traditional shoe bottom in the use of artificial combination, process is various, high labor costs, material cost is high, the low efficiency than new injection in the bottom more than double, to pass through generation process to become a finished product, product quality is not standard, is not stable, no control, not beautiful, comfortable, the product has no advantage in the competition. In addition, because traditional shoe bottom is made of cardboard, so generally from the bottom to shoes listed to consumers on the fastest also want to three to four months time, prone to expired and the phenomenon of glue, glue does even glue and cardboard layer phenomenon, does not waterproof, moistureproof, easy to degumming, glue, hardness is not enough. Second biggest problem is the environmental protection question, and in the process of production will be used to glue, glue toluene for certain harm to human body, the production can't recycle waste and waste products, the production process will produce lots of rubbish and dust. Traditional shoe bottom cost than new injection shoes more than twice as high in the bottom, on the production of standard can not unified, artificial manual operation, because of human, so don't do each product are the same. Together, can be said to be the high cost of investment, complex process requires a lot of equipment, a large number of Labour costs. As a result, the traditional shoe bottom and the method of making shoes in the bottom already can't meet the demand of modern shoe industry production. And bottom in our anti puncture through the European EN12568:2010, CSA, ANSI certification, access to the national utility model patents. Each production link set product management personnel, factory machines and artificial double checking, will follow up customer requirements, strictly control each production details, pay attention to the high quality products output. 1 day playing board, free samples to send, commitment to quality problems, exchange or refund at any time, intimate after-sales service 24 hours a day, 1 minute quick response to customer problems, eliminate worries about the customer.
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