What are the sole mould processing skills?

by:BEF     2020-11-17

in the process of sole mould processing, sole mould appropriate mixed and disorderly way plan, first because of the block at the bottom, first, followed by and internal and external waist ease contact surface appearance and mixed and disorderly markings plan.

sole mould processing skills is introduced as follows:

sole mould processing usually choose three axis of the five ways to end, and the tool path plan will affect the quality of soles mould machining time and machining. In addition to usually way to plan the work, but also requires all the rated line line, constraints, such as setting, causing spend long time in repeated unwieldy set appropriate homework.

to further strengthen the operating interface, the cutting tool set, rough machining, material analysis, the residual material processing and finishing, such as ways to modify function. Particularly the operating interface is simplified option is set, learning easy and convenient operation. Which traditionally sole mould processing often need to rely on the rich experience engineers, forming personnel rely on degree is big, once lost rich experience of engineers, great confusion will form the manufacturer.

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