What are the safety requirements labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-09
In industrial production, the foot is often inductrial injury of the hardest-hit areas, so as to avoid employees, in the case of a foot injury when working, select the appropriate labor insurance shoes is simple and effective method. In order to make everyone better understanding and use of labor insurance shoes, let's know about the safe use of labor insurance shoes together requirements: 1, labor insurance shoes besides choosing the appropriate type according to the operation conditions, also carefully select the appropriate labor insurance shoe number, need to ensure that fit, make people felt comfortable to wear. 2, protection to have prevent slippery design, not only to protect feet from being hurt, but also to prevent the operator of accidents caused by slip. 3, different performance of labor insurance shoes, want to achieve their protective performance of technical indicators, such as toe is not parts, foot not been stabbed, conductive insulation requirements, etc. Should be carefully check before 4, the use of labor insurance shoes, because in the electrical and acid and alkali, if there is a crack is prone to labor insurance shoes worn or dangerous. 5, labor insurance shoes should be properly kept, after using rubber labor insurance shoes can use clear water or disinfectant rinse and dry.
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