What are the role in the aspect of industrial labor insurance shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-03
In cold areas or winter outdoor construction, when the climate temperature is below zero, in addition to worry about heat material splash of danger, foot would be affected by low temperature, frostbite, reduce work efficiency. So the welding processing should have the function of Chinese shoes: high temperature resistant, cold, prevent hit, piercing, etc. The work high above the average in the outdoor air and power grid, the workers are generally need to climb up and down frequently, and power grid operation often accompanied by electric shock accidents happen. Grid aerial work is need to pay special attention to in terms of insulation. Grid work high labor insurance shoes should have the function: insulation, non-slip, puncture resistant and etc. Oil production in the crude oil is usually a viscous liquid from brown to black, its chemical composition is contain a variety of hydrocarbon organic compounds, are mainly alkane, cyclanes and aromatic hydrocarbon. Environment is very bad in the process of oil exploration, oil drilling operations personnel safety also cannot be ignored. In the exploitation of oil workers based on defense to the demand for labor insurance shoes and prevent slippery, prevent oil and alkali. Chemical workshop need based protection, labor insurance shoes are resistant to acid and alkali, and because of the chemical production with inflammable, explosive, easy to poisoning, high temperature and high pressure, has the characteristics such as corrosion. Although our country enterprise and individual consciousness to strengthen labor protection articles, but overall still very weak, combined with the market regulation does not reach the designated position, lead to labor insurance supplies market is not standard, the defect of product varieties, low success rate and product quality is uneven, low content of science and technology, upgrading backward, often appear all kinds of accidents. Overall labor protection articles industry in China is still a weak industry, there is a big gap compared with developed countries also. Only strengthen enterprise, personal protective consciousness, can effectively put an end to all kinds of safety accidents, to bring to the development of the insurance industry.
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