What are the reference standards of labor insurance shoes scrap

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Wearing of labor insurance shoes wear for a long time, despite the wear and tear but has also been dressed, perhaps only in the impression were really worn out shoes, to say the labor insurance shoes discarded, actually not like that, here small make up lists some scrap reference standard of labor insurance shoes, hurry to take a look at! 1, appearance defect inspection labor insurance shoes appearance of one of the following defects, should be discarded. V has obvious or deep cracks, for half the thickness of the surface; V help face serious wear and tear, especially in baotou revealed; V for surface deformation, burning, melting or foaming, or leg part cracking; V soles crack is greater than 10 mm, deep is greater than 3 mm; V class upper surface and bottom separate distance grow up to 15 mm, width ( Deep) Greater than 5 mm, Ⅱ shoes through; V curve around the parts of the anti-slip pattern height less than 1. 5毫米; V shoes insole has obvious deformation. 2, anti-static shoes, electric insulation performance footwear, should first check whether there is a obvious appearance defect, at the same time, every six months on the properties of electrical insulating shoes for an insulation preventive inspection and no more than 200 h of anti-static shoes worth a resistance test, to ensure that the shoes are safe, if do not conform to the requirements, it should no longer be as electrical class continue to use the shoes. See better made up of introduction, please often wear labor insurance shoes workmates, also pay more attention to their feet at ordinary times wear labor insurance shoes or electrical insulating, reference standards should also have a look at his shoes for a new pair of dress!
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