What are the raw material rubber sole?

by:BEF     2020-11-23

rubber sole are mainly sports shoes, eleusine indica, three kinds of rubber shoes sole.

in order to ensure the comfort level of the athletes sports, sports shoes. The elastic demand is higher, the raw material plant using natural rubber production, but natural rubber abrasion resistance, ageing resistance is poor, easy to cause an effect to the use performance and life of the sole; Using waste latex gloves, condoms and other waste of natural rubber products production, also have the natural rubber latex reclaimed rubber tensile strength and elasticity of the superior performance, some mixed with or all use latex reclaimed rubber sole production movement can improve the wear resistance, anti-aging performance of rubber soles, prolong the service life of the sole, and reduce the production cost of sports shoe sole.

beef tendon can be made of rubber, also can use plastic production; And use the rubber as raw material to produce the beef tendon of elasticity, prevent slippery, wear-resisting performance is better, higher comfort; Beef tendon bottom often used for sandals, shoes in the shoe, the high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging properties of the rubber demand is higher, rubber products manufacturers to reduce production costs, often use high and low temperature resistance, ageing resistance, strong isoprene rubber production.

rubber shoes generally used in the special medium, in the majority with oil medium, so better oil resistance of rubber shoes, NBR is the best of the oil resistance of rubber materials, but the price of nitrile rubber is high, and the fluctuation is bigger, the serious influence oil resistant sole manufacturer's costs and benefits; Using waste as raw material to produce the nitrile gloves nitrile reclaimed rubber is oil resistant sole manufacturers preferred raw material, not only low price, high rubber content of nitrile reclaimed rubber production of rubber sole also have higher oil resistant performance.

lower performance index requirements of ordinary black rubber sole tyre reclaimed rubber can be administered or mixed with part of the tire rubber powder production, ensure the sole good use performance and service life, and improve the rubber sole flexible, tear resistance, resistance is the preferred method of producing low-cost rubber sole.

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