What are the problems the current anti cut cloth also?

by:BEF     2020-07-24
Incidents in foreign terror, violence and terrorism in the region often occurs, and the domestic violence is often happened, the police in the process of law enforcement, the violence KangFa events are common. In this case, the comprehensive protective equipment is very necessary for police officers, at the same time, the birth of the multi-function anti cut cloth for law enforcement and security, is the performance of protective equipment is known to all, the quality are all related to law enforcement personnel safety, but also the concentrated expression of combat effectiveness. Since 'twelfth five-year', the CPC Central Committee and state council attaches great importance to the public security police security work, in the party's ShiBaZhong, the CPC Central Committee from coordination to promote the height of the 'four' comprehensive strategic layout, made on comprehensively deepening the reform of public security major decision deployment, the establishment of a full guarantee public security funds safeguard system. So, for the police equipment industry development provides policy guarantee. In terms of personnel buy use, early because everyone is generally believed that the understanding of the police protective equipment industry is less, concepts, and is still in the former think it's only national related departments should be enclosed automomous self-sufficiency, feel without the personnel is not involved in and use rights. In recent years, in addition to the individual product areas such as firearms, explosives outside still need to franchising, most are open to many industries. With the demand of police protection equipment market, also makes more and more people are engaged in protective equipment in the industry, among them, the multi-function cutting cloth is becoming more and more get the favour of the market. Common police protective equipment including body armor, cut glove, puncture-proof proof clothes, police, police helmet shield and so on, now you can see is the protection of the police equipment industry development is not perfect, the lack of a standard generality. Quality is uneven, protective effect is not comprehensive, not even appropriate officers of practical needs. Multi-function cutting cloth to have proof for this protection function is the most basic performance, rapid development in technology today, suddenly and violently fear growing destructive means, the power of weapons is becoming more and more big, for protective equipment production enterprise, is a technical test. Although there is no absolute 100% against attacks, in order to constantly improve the protective performance is also industry continue to do.
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